Escaped Inmate Caught Breaking Back Into Prison With Contraband

A prisoner got caught by deputies doing something unusual at a Texas prison: breaking back in with a duffel bag full of alcohol, tobacco, and home-cooked food.

Here’s something bizarre that doesn’t happen often: a prisoner breaking back into prison.

The Texas inmate was caught red-handed after he escaped prison then tried to break back in with alcohol, tobacco, and a home-cooked meal in his possession, according to Newsweek.

Normally, prisoners don't plan on returning to captivity, but inmate Joshua Randall Hansen came crawling back and was handcuffed by Jefferson County deputies in Beaumont, Texas, according to a Dallas Morning News report.

At first, Hansen had a 27-month sentence for conspiring to distribute a designer drug, according to Newsweek. But that wasn’t enough because now it will likely increase with the new escape and marijuana possession charges he brought upon himself.

It appears that inmates made a habit out of breaking out, and then re-entering the facility. The sheriff’s office recently became aware of their extra-curricular activities, “picking up contraband from a rancher on a neighboring piece of land.”

Deputies and a team of U.S. marshals nabbed Henson after setting a trap when they witnessed a person driving a vehicle leave a duffel bag behind. Less than two hours later, Henson left the prison grounds to grab the bag and was arrested. According to Newsweek, the bag contained whiskey, three bottles of brandy, a dozen packs of tobacco, snacks, and a “large amount of home-cooked food.”

These prisoners must really be missing the comforts of their homes for them to risk adding years to their sentences. Common sense would tell one that getting caught results in a longer wait time to get home-cooked meals regularly. Nice try though.

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