Anti-Trump Republicans Are Actually Helping His Campaign

Mitt Romney announces plans to vote for Ted Cruz in the Utah caucuses, adding to a long list of desperate decisions made by members of the GOP to stop Trump.

Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who ran against Barack Obama in 2012, announced today that he plans to vote for Ted Cruz in the Utah caucus.


Romney has recently made headlines for a scathing speech condemning the current GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump. He called Trump a misogynist and a racist and ultimately said he was unfit for the presidency, which are all accurate statements.

The news of Romney backing Cruz, however, comes as a bit of a surprise considering he has recently campaigned with John Kasich and Marco Rubio. Trump called out Romney’s apparent flip-flopping on Twitter and called him a “mixed up man who doesn’t have a clue.”

Trump also said that Romney’s endorsement of Cruz is good for him. While he doesn’t elaborate in his Tweets, it’s probably safe to say Trump recognizes that the Republican Party is beginning to look very unstable and desperate, which ultimately works in his favor.




Many conservative leaders agree that they don’t want Trump representing their party and they certainly don’t want him leading the country. However, they’re having a difficult time getting rid of him. Now, several prominent Republican figures are split between rallying behind him or denouncing him which makes the party look like it’s imploding.  

House Speaker Paul Ryan spoke out to denounce Trump after his reluctance to disavow the KKK. Despite Ryan’s disapproval of how Trump handled the situation, he admitted that he would “support the nominee,” which Trump is on track to becoming.

Let’s not forget that Trump has also been endorsed by his former opponents Ben Carson and Chris Christie who spent much of their own campaigns bashing his political inexperience and inappropriate speech and behavior. Both of their endorsements made them look like complete and utter hypocrites.

Although Marco Rubio was forced to back out of the presidential race after losing the primaries in his home state to Trump, he has been vigorously pushing the #NeverTrump campaign yet he is shaky in his commitment to it.

He admitted that he would support Trump if he becomes the party’s nominee, particularly if it came down to Hillary Clinton or Trump.

“My answer’s a reflection of how bad I think Hillary Clinton is,” Rubio said during an interview on a Kentucky sports radio show earlier this month before dropping out.

In other words, #NeverTrump actually means: Never Trump, unless he has to run against Hillary Clinton. (more shaky logic)

The apparent dilemma within the GOP shows confusion, desperation, weakness and dishonesty. These are all traits that American voters do not want to be associated with. This inadvertently makes Trump look like the only “strong” leader the party has, further propelling his campaign forward. 

Anti-Trump Republicans need to stop appearing desperate and divided and join forces if they want to come up with a solid way to stop Trump in his tracks. However, at this point, their efforts are likely too little, too late. This should have been nipped in the bud months ago.

Voters are just about the only people who truly have the power to save America from a "Trumpocalypse."

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