Desperate Trump Falsely Claims US Spy Chief Denounced Russia Dossier

As President-elect Donald Trump tries desperately to discredit the controversial Russian dossier, he embellished statements made by the Director of National Intelligence.

As the unverified Russia dossier saga continues, it seems President-elect Donald Trump is trying extremely hard to validate his claims that the reports are false.

In an effort to make his denial more credible, Trump posted a tweet saying that United States Director of National Intelligence James Clapper called him to denounce the dossier.

It seems, however, Trump may have misinterpreted that phone call because Clapper’s own official statement contradicts Trump’s tweet.

In his three-paragraph statement, Clapper only addressed the veracity of the report one time, at which point he did not say that it was false, but rather made no judgment whatsoever.

“The IC [Intelligence Community] has not made any judgment that the information in this document is reliable, and we did not rely upon it in any way for our conclusions.”

It appears that Clapper neither confirmed nor denounced the information, and Trump completely misrepresented his position.

CNN reporter Jake Tapper jumped into the fray and tweeted an entire breakdown of Clapper’s statement in defense of the network against Trump’s attacks.

During a press conference Wednesday and again on Twitter, Trump slammed CNN and called them “fake news,” but there has been no definitive indication that CNN reported anything inaccurate.

Trump is just looking for any way to discredit the dossier as it paints an incredibly unflattering picture of him days before he’s set to take office. Nevertheless, the information is out there, and at this point, it’s really up to the individual to decide what they believe until the verified truth is brought to light.

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: James Clapper - Flickr, Medill DC/ Donald Trump - Wikipedia, Michael Vadon 

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