Desperate Trump Is Begging People To Attend Inauguration On Facebook

Apparently, no one wants to go to President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, so he has purchased targeted Facebook ads in a desperate attempt to get more guests.

President-elect Donald Trump is having a very difficult time organizing his struggle bus inauguration set to take place on Friday, and it's becoming really sad.

In addition to failing to secure any A-list celebrity performers, Trump can’t even get civilians to attend. Reports indicate that Trump is expected to have a significantly smaller turnout than President Barack Obama had for his big day back in 2009.

While Obama drew approximately 1.8 million people to his historical inauguration, only about 900,000 people are expected at Trump’s ceremony, NBC Washington reports.

In a last-minute ploy to convince folks to brave frigid temperatures and watch one of the most disliked president-elects in recent history take office, Trump’s team has begun using targeted advertising on Facebook to personally invite a specific demographic to the festivities.

Marina Cockenberg of “The Tonight Show” came upon the advertisement on Facebook. When she clicked the “Why Am I Seeing This Ad?” button, she discovered that Trump is deliberately seeking out people ages 27 and older who live in the New York area to attend doomsday Inauguration Day.  

“Imagine being so disliked that 4 days before your inauguration you start paying to send desperate FB ad invites to ‘person, 27+,’” Cockenberg wrote on Twitter with a screenshot of her eloquently written personal invite.

Ironically, it seems his own bigoted supporters don’t even care to be present for his inauguration.

A Manhattan scalper named Yossi Rosenberg has been trying to sell tickets, and he couldn’t even get any fish to bite when he advertised them on white supremacist sites, such as the Daily Stormer.

"Nobody wants to buy them," Rosenberg reportedly told the Daily News. "It looks like I'm stuck with them; I might even have to go."

Trump is beginning to appear so desperate and pathetic that you almost start to feel bad for him — that is, until reality sets in and you remember he’s a racist, classist, sexist, misogynist, ableist, pathological liar, and overall deplorable human being.

With the Million Women March and other anti-Trump demonstrations scheduled for Friday, it looks like there will be more people protesting Trump’s inauguration than actually celebrating it.

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