This Is The Disgusting, Shameful Mess Of Detroit Public Schools

Students in Detroit are expected to get an education in moldy buildings with broken toilets, leaking ceilings and legions of roaches.

For years, teachers at the Detroit Public Schools have tried to get the authorities' attention regarding the deplorable condition of the schools. As days turned into weeks, and weeks into months and years, walls crumbled and mold grew on walls, and the teachers received nothing but false promises, empty words, and excuses.

Each time, teachers heard that the district's crushing debt prevented any repairs. Finally, the teachers decided they had had enough. In a move to draw the world’s attention to the schools children are supposed to study in, teachers staged a mass sick out protest, forcing schools to close for two days.

Disappointed teachers then took to Twitter, uploading pictures of school conditions, demonstrating years of gross negligence.

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There is mold...

Leaking ceilings ... 

Bullet holes (!) ...

And these things that are definitely not donut sprinkles.

The biting cold sneaks in through cracks, the washrooms are in shambles and the thermostat malfunctions, sending kids into heat-induced stupor during class.

The quality of food is several notches below what you would expect at other U.S. schools.

And the bottom line is, the kids deserve better.

You cannot send a child off to this place, where playing in the gym or the playground is practically a health hazard, and expect them to not be put off from studies. Young kids in the 97 buildings of DPS fidget, filled to the brim with bottled-up energy, looking for an outlet, asking to be taken outside. The teachers refuse, putting the trip off to yet another day.

For years, the authorities have turned a deaf ear to the pleas of DPS staff. But with this new Twitter initiative, the world is finally listening. Will this be enough to turn the fortunes of DPS?

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Joshua Lott / Reuters

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