Detroit Teen Accidentally Shoots, Kills Friend Live On Instagram

The 18-year-olds were showcasing themselves live on Instagram when one of them accidentally placed their finger on the trigger, shooting the other in the head.

A live Instagram video recorded two teens over the weekend showing off weapons and dollar bills. It ended tragically when one of the guns accidentally discharged, killing one of them.

The two 18-year-old males were broadcasting themselves on the social media site late Saturday evening when the incident happened. The shooter had his finger placed on the trigger of a rifle, and told investigators he had accidentally pulled back on it during the livestream, shooting the other teen in the back of the head.

The victim died in the home where the shooting occurred before paramedics could arrive. The shooter is currently in custody while the investigation continues.

Guns are no laughing matter. While much of the nation is embroiled in a debate over who should own certain types of guns, a much broader issue of safety must also be addressed.

These two teenagers were recklessly flaunting their weapons online, without fully understanding how dangerous their behavior actually was. Their story also demonstrates that weapons in the home tend to hurt or even kill a family member more often than stopping an intruder.

If people are to own guns, they need to keep them out of the hands of people who don’t know how to handle them. This story should serve as a warning to others and cause some families to think twice before bringing a gun into their homes.

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