Devin Nunes’ Staff Called 911 On Protesters Outside Office

“Nunes’ people keep calling the police wasting law enforcement resources. This is not what 911 was designed for. Nunes’ office is public property paid for by us,” said Nunes’ Democratic opponent.


Chair of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes (R-CA) called the cops to protect him from his constituents at his Clovis district office.

For over a year, people have been demonstrating outside the top Republican’s office every Tuesday, demanding Nunes speak with them. However, their attempts have all been in vain.

This Tuesday, staff members at the Sentinel Executive Offices called Clovis police on the constituents and locked all the office doors. They also kicked out members of the press who were trying to get into the office.

Democratic opponent Andrew Janz, who is challenging Nunes in the 22nd district, said a building employee, who remains unnamed, would not allow him to go upstairs to the Republican’s office. He said Nunes’ staff said he was “trespassing” when he tried to meet the congressman.

“On the way out, she [Nunes staffer] was calling the police I guess, saying we were trespassing. I told her that Nunes ’office is paid for by taxpayers and is public property,” Janz said. “We pay for this office, but if we’re not even given the opportunity to go to the office to make an appointment, and are prohibited from making our way up to his office, I think that’s definitely an issue.”

“Several members of the media were here to try to get an interview with Devin Nunes,” Janz said, in a video on Twitter. “And they were refused entry and told to leave. I tried to go in and tried to request a meeting as well. We were told to leave so I left.”

“This is about not paying attention to his constituents,” one protester told the Fresno Bee. “That’s really the crux of it. Is he our representative or is he not?”

“I’ve been there for 20 years, and I’ve never seen the man,” a woman who works in the building said. “It’s just a satellite office. Somebody comes and picks up his mail. He isn’t here.”

Clovis Police Cpl. Max Garces said office staff reported the protesters to the police but it’s a “gray area” because Nunes’ office is next to several private offices in the same business

“Our issue is not a political issue; we’re just trying to solve some issues here with people coming in here,” Garces said. “This isn’t a public building, even though he’s a public servant.”

From what the protesters said, it doesn’t look like Nunes occupies his office.

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