DHS Official Perpetuates Islamophobia By Dressing Up As A Jihadist

Frank Wuco used to dress as an Afghan and use Muslim stereotypes to push his opinions on his radio show. Now he serves in the Department of Homeland Security.

A woman walks on a busy street in Afghanistan.

A high-level Department of Homeland Security official in President Donald Trump's administration frequently dons Afghan clothing and impersonates a jihadist in videos online, drawing questions over whether his behavior is appropriate for the position he holds.

Frank Wuco, currently the head of the Executive Order Task Force at DHS (tasked with implementing the executive orders that Trump issues), is a former naval intelligence officer with more than two decades of experience.

Before joining the department, Wuco created a controversial persona, “Fuad Wasul,” using an exaggerated accent and employing stereotypes of an Afghan individual who, presumably, became a terrorist.

Wuco, as “Wasul,” also hosted a radio program where he would encourage people to call into his program and “Ask the Jihadist” questions about his life and beliefs. His demeanor on the program resulted in some listeners threatening him with bodily harm.

Wuco also used his “Wasul” persona to berate an actual Muslim on the air for not adhering to jihadist principles.

Wuco would often end the segments, as himself, stating his desire to shoot the “Wasul” character “right between” the eyes, according to reporting from Mother Jones.

Wuco has a history of perpetuating an errant belief of the Muslim faith. Shortly after the shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, Wuco was interviewed by Breitbart News, where he discouraged individuals from speaking to actual Muslims to learn about their faith.

“People just have to educate themselves [and not reach out to] somebody who's representing, say, the Islamic faith...," he said.

Muslim texts, including the Quran and Sharia law, encourage "warfare against unbelievers,” he added.

Additionally, Wuco has a history of intolerance toward the LGBTQ community. In the past, he has said that allowing gays to serve in the military would create problems in the shower and changing rooms. He’s also blogged about issues relating to racism, arguing that organizations that purport to fight it actually invent it at times to push their agenda.

“The NAACP, the Black Congressional Caucus, Eric Holder, The New Black Panthers all need racism,” he wrote back in 2012. “And, where they absolutely cannot find it, they will invent it and contrive it.”

It’s clear that Wuco is a bad fit at Homeland Security, and should never have been selected to serve there by Trump in the first place. Officials in that department need to be serious about their tasks. Wuco’s blatant bigotry and racism, including his history of dressing like an Afghan and perpetuating stereotypes of people from that country, is not appropriate, much less an asset, for the position he currently has.

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