Dianne Feinstein’s GOP Opponent Wants To ‘Free’ Government From Jews

The main Republican candidate trying to challenge Feinstein for her California seat is a raging racist. Unfortunately, he's one of many within the party.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s main opponent in California is Republican Patrick Little, a candidate who reportedly has dedicated his life “to exposing these Jews that control our country.”

Little, a new poll has shown, was in second place with the support of 18 percent of Californians. Feinstein leads the survey with 39 percent, while other candidates rely on the support of 8 percent or fewer.

In recent posts on social media, Little, who has been endorsed by former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, wrote that he believes government should “[make] counter-Semitism central to all aims of the state." This, he added, would make government “free from Jews.”

The candidate’s fringe politics also appear to support actual prosecution of Jews as another one of his posts justified the creation of a database because “when Israel is destroyed and the [Zionist Occupied Governments] of the west are overthrown, we’ll have to ensure that they aren’t hiding among us to subvert us again.”

He then added that the death penalty is the “only 1 lawful punishment for high treason.”

It’s incredibly concerning that the top Republican challenging Feinstein in California is openly anti-Semitic. But what’s even worse is that he’s not the first top GOP local candidate espousing similarly repulsive views.

After House Speaker Paul Ryan announced he was not going to seek re-election, the top challenger for his Wisconsin seat became Paul Nehlen, a self-described “pro-White Christian American candidate,” who was kicked out of Twitter for a racist post involving Prince Harry and fiancee Meghan Markle. His views are so extremely racist that even Breitbart News “cut ties” with the candidate.

Former American Nazi Party leader Arthur Jones has also won the GOP primary in a congressional district in Illinois. Thankfully, the region is predominantly Democratic.

It’s clear that the Republican Party will continue to be viewed as an environment perfect for racist candidates with so many of them gaining support while espousing such repugnant views.

Will the party as a whole unite to stand against this rise of racist candidates, or will this be the beginning of the end for the GOP?

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