Did This Trump Supporter Use Women’s Periods To Argue Against NAFTA?

Was it bad choice of words or utter lack of common sense when Jeffrey Lord dove into a tale that should have remained between him and his dry cleaner?

Just like Donald Trump himself, his supporters often say the wackiest of things.

For instance, the HUD pick Ben Carson declared he will not do “anything to benefit any American” during his senate confirmation hearing. Similarly, president’s top aide Kellyanne Conway became a laughing stock on the internet after redefining falsehoods as “alternative facts.”

Therefore, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise when Trump crony and CNN commentator Jeffrey Lord suddenly started talking about “ladies' garments” and “the reason they bleed is because they don’t come into this country with the same standards” while arguing against the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which the billionaire mogul wants to renegotiate.

The utterly bizarre conversation took place during an “Anderson Cooper 360” appearance, where Lord got into an argument over trade deals with former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich.

“It’s not just isolationism,” Reich explained. “It’s Donald Trump’s assumption that the world is basically a zero sum game, in which we win only to the extent that someone else loses.”

He also argued the president’s “America first” rhetoric “assumes that we do not depend on the prosperity of other nations in the world,” which is “a very, very dangerous proposition.”

Lord, however, disagreed and decided to recount an anecdote that should have stayed between him and his dry cleaner.

“Let me give you a local example here from the middle of Pennsylvania. My dry cleaner complains to me at length — I mean, I have learned more about the dry cleaning business than I ever thought I would know — about NAFTA and its effect,” Lord began. “Here is a guy who is being asked to clean ladies' garments. And they bleed, which costs him money because he has to pay for the garment. The reason they bleed is because they don’t come into this country with the same standards, because of NAFTA.”

Daily Beast contributor Yashar Ali first drew attention towards it:

CNN Jeffrey Lord

The tweet was later deleted, but not before Twitter users could both express their outrage and mock the political analyst.

However, the truth is it could just be a slip.

As the Slate reports, “The scenario he’s describing is one where NAFTA lets cheaply made Mexican clothing flood the market, those clothes are taken to his dry cleaner, the colors bleed, and the dry cleaner has to replace the clothes.”


Even if it was just poor choice of words on Lord’s part, the truth is:

Talk about bad phrasing.

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