Did Miami Police Lie About Chasing Motorcyclist Before Fatal Crash?

Other motorcyclists have released video footage that appears to show a Miami police cruiser chasing Yoinis Cruz Peña at high speeds leading up to his fatal crash.


VIDEO#1 R.I.P. Yoinis ( not my video) I decided to let you all see a better picture ( video) of what happen last Sunday . Smh ???????? , from the beginning the cop was waiting for the group to leave . An same car you see #214225 high speed chase the bikes so fast the Biker taking the video could barely keep up ( wow) fast . An when he finally does the cop goes ??ghost at the turn . Riderz say they saw eye to eye with the cop an at the end like fishy , like he saw what he caused an left or ??? I’ll wait for you to comment bellow ???? Again not my video I ride a Z125 60 mph my limit ?????LoL but regardless heartbreaking day ??wife ( passenger ) is stable but a long ruff road ahead of her????.

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Newly surfaced video footage may prove that Miami police lied about the moments leading up to the death of a 29-year-old motorcyclist last weekend.

Yoinis Cruz Peña crashed his bike on Rickenbacker Causeway. He was killed in the accident, and his wife, Yailen, suffered severe injuries. The other bikers who had been riding with Peña maintained that a Miami police officer was chasing Peña when the fatal crash happened. However, the Miami Police Department claimed it had no record of an officer pursuing a motorcycle on that day.

"At this time, the Miami Police Department does not have knowledge or information of any Miami Police officer or any other agency in pursuit of the said motorcycle, or any other motorcycle, in the area at the time of the crash," the department said in a statement.

Apparently, the department’s union president, Ed Lugo, even refuted the claims on Twitter and slammed the motorcyclists for spreading that so-called false narrative.

"There is no evidence that they were chased," Lugo told the Miami Herald. "On the contrary, Miami police officers were responding code 3 to render first aid. Instead of the deceased motorcycle 'family' rendering first aid to him, they were too busy taking cell phone videos of his lifeless body next to a woman fighting for her life."

However, the bikers have now released video footage that appears to show an MPD cruiser chasing Peña at high speeds leading up to his crash.

"I decided to let you all see a better picture (video) of what happen[ed] last Sunday," the user running the Dade County Riderz account wrote in the post's caption. "From the beginning the cop was waiting for the group to leave. [It's a] high speed chase... so fast the Biker taking the video could barely keep up."

The first clip shows Peña and the cruiser fly past the biker who was recording the footage. Then, at the end of the second clip, the bikers turn a corner to find Peña’s bike overturned and he and his wife thrown off the overpass. The officer, however, was no longer in sight.

In addition to contradicting the MPD’s initial story, the video may also indicate that the cop who chased Peña violated department policies.

According to their rulebook, officers are supposed to stop a chase if the suspect committed only a “traffic infraction, misdemeanor, or nonviolent felony” or “when there is a clear and unreasonable danger to the officer and/or other citizens,” which includes “when speeds dangerously exceed the normal flow of traffic.”

Despite the release of the footage, the police union continues to deny that any chase occurred. 

There is still much to investigate, and no one can say, definitively, if the officer filmed in the clips caused Peña's crash at this time. However, at the very least, the video footage indicates that there was a cop in the area who was following a biker at some point. It wouldn't come as much of a shock if the department and police union are denying the allegations in an effort to protect the cop who potentially broke several department policies and may have caused a tragic death.

The truth will eventually come to light, and when that time comes, hopefully, Peña's wife and other surviving relatives will find justice and closure.     

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