Did The Department Of Defense Just Shade Trump On Twitter?

The Department of Defense tweeted the connection between social media use and mental health, prompting many to assume the post was directed at President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump speaking

The United States Department of Defense sent out a suspicious tweet on Monday linking social media use to mental health, with many users speculating whether the post was a slight dig at President Donald Trump.

"Social media postings sometimes provide an important window into a person’s #mentalhealth,” the department wrote in its tweet. "Know what to look for.”

The tweet included a link to the research done by the department’s Suicide Prevention Office released on Jan. 19.

Netizens quickly connected the post to Trump, given his incessant tweeting might raise some red flags.

Some users even found the tweet to be a bold move, noting the Department of National Interior shut down Twitter activity after a few anti-Trump posts. The department was forced to remove their retweets regarding how pages on civil rights, climate change, and health care were removed from the White House website and of a striking photo comparison of Trump’s inauguration and former President Barack Obama’s in 2009. 

While Trump and his cohorts are trying to quell the media and entertainment industries for criticizing his administration’s actions, it is heartening to witness that some agencies are defiantly standing ground. 

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