Did Trump Ask DOJ Official On Russia Probe If He Was ‘On My Team?’

President Donald Trump allegedly asked Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the official in charge of overseeing the Russia probe, if he was on Trump's side.

According to CNN, President Donald Trump asked Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the Department of Justice official in the Russia investigation, if he was “on my team.”

Rosenstein reportedly visited the White House in December to ask the president for help in keeping House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes from demanding a series of documents as he was the top DOJ official in the Russia investigation.

But as the two talked, the president allegedly asked Rosenstein about the special counsel’s Russia investigation and where it was headed. He then asked the official if he was on his "team," to which Rosenstein reportedly replied, “Of course, we're all on your team, Mr. President.”

During his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, Rosenstein denied that he had ever been asked to be loyal to the administration.

According to CNN, he declined to say whether the Trump administration had ever asked him about the Russia probe, adding he never received “improper” orders. The meeting happened just after he and Trump reportedly met at the White House.

As this piece of news hit the internet, social media users couldn’t hide how unsurprised they were that the president may have asked if Rosenstein had his back.

Others reminded followers that Rosenstein is in charge of overseeing the Russia investigation.

Many noticed that if this exchange truly happened, then the DOJ official may have lied to Congress.

Others said that Rosenstein hadn't done anything wrong by saying he was on the president's team.

Regardless of what Rosenstein may have meant when he allegedly answered he was on Trump’s team, it appears that Trump has repeatedly tried to get officials to side with him while he and members of his close circle are under investigation for the alleged collusion with Russia.

As CNN stated, this is yet another episode showing Trump has a hard time not crossing a line that former presidents have tried to avoid crossing when discussing similar investigations with the Justice Department.

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