After Denying Russian Cyberattack Happened, Trump Praises It

President-elect Donald Trump's latest tweet seemed to praise the alleged Russian cyberattack against the United States, which he had been denying ever happened.

President-elect Donald Trump's latest tweet seems to confirm that he both believes that Russian intelligence hacked the United States — and praises it for unveiling the corruption of the Democratic party.

Trump has been all over the map on the Russian hacking.

First, he denied Russia was influencing the election to help him win.

Then, he urged Russia to hack Hillary Clinton on TV. (He later claimed that remark was "sarcastic.")

In the weeks after the election, he called the claim that Russia had hacked the U.S. "ridiculous."

Trump even falsely stated that the hack was only brought up after the fact to sabotage his successful presidential bid, even though he had talked about it himself during the election.

Now, Trump has tweeted that he apparently does admit that Russia hacked the U.S., but he sees that as a good thing. 

Trump referenced the fact that the hacking had revealed Donna Brazile's leaked debate questions to Hillary Clinton. Apparently, Trump believes another country violating our cybersecurity and privacy is acceptable, as long as his opponents are negatively impacted.

It is clear that Trump has been outright dishonest on the topic of Russia, especially now that we have evidence that he was briefed on the situation both before and after the election. Trump's contradictory messages show that he is just as willing to pull a fast one on the public as all the political insiders he criticized during his election campaign.

CIA and White House officials are now reporting that the cyberattack was intended to directly benefit Trump. The Electoral College is set to vote on the presidency on Dec. 19, and many are calling for the electors to be briefed on the cyberattack before they cast their votes. This latest tweet from Trump shows that he is calculating and untrustworthy, which is unlikely to help his standing with electors.

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