Trump Demands The Spotlight Even If It Means Shoving A NATO Leader

President Donald Trump's first NATO summit was a chance to put bad feelings between allies to rest, but judging by this video footage, it became more about his ego.

If you had to watch the above clip more than once, you're not alone. It takes a moment for the footage to settle in. Once it does, it is downright embarrassing.

The president of the United States shoving another world leader to get to the spotlight looks like something you'd see done by Regina George in the movie "Mean Girls."

While at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Alliance headquarters on Thursday, President Donald Trump placed one of his tiny hands on the shoulder of Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic and pushed him out of his way so he could assume center stage. Trump looks petty, Markovic looks bemused, and we look shocked.

It was Trump's first NATO summit, and given his tense history with the alliance, a valuable occasion to make some important connections and engage in some much needed diplomacy. However, passing up opportunities to be good is something Trump excels at.

The video of the president acting like a brat for a photo op is cringe-worthy for sure, but the worst feeling comes later when you realize you shouldn't have expected anything more from Trump.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters 

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