Did Trump’s Mother Know She Raised A Monster?

The president's mother once said she was not sure what kind of son she had raised, but she may have played a major role in shaping his personality.

Donald Trump poses with his family.

President Donald Trump has made a great deal of enemies over the years as a real estate mogul, and as president, he has become even less popular. But as it turns out, even Trump’s own mother was wary of the man he was.

As many have speculated, Politico’s profile on Trump’s mother, Mary Trump, shows that Trump’s parents may have played a major role in shaping his bizarre personality. 

In a 1990 interview, Trump's mother asked herself, “What kind of son have I created?” At the time, Trump was embroiled in a divorce while facing ruinous debt, and his mother appeared heartbroken that her son had chosen to bring his marriage to an end.

If she had put greater thought into it, she would have known that she had a lot to do with the shaping of his personality, whether she liked it or not.

Trump’s mother was mostly absent during his childhood, as opposed to his father, according to old pals of Trump’s. But, it was when he was just 2 years old that his mother’s sudden absence may have influenced the current president's behavior the strongest.

At the time, she nearly died after giving birth to Trump’s youngest brother, Robert.

Having suffered an abdominal infection and severe hemorrhaging that kept her absent from family life for a long period of time afterward, Trump's mother was nearly taken away from him at an age that the child is typically starting to learn to be more independent, former President of the American Psychoanalytic Association (APA) Mark Smaller said.

“A 2½-year-old is going through a process of becoming more autonomous, a little bit more independent from the mother,” Smaller explained. “If there is a disruption or a rupture in the connection, it would have had an impact on the sense of self, the sense of security, the sense of confidence.”

With her sudden absence, and then later, with her lack of involvement in Trump’s childhood, the then-future president may have not been able to pick up some skills that usually come from a child’s exposure to a loving mother.

“Your mother helps you identify your feelings and develop a cognitive structure so you don’t have to act on them immediately,” former APA President Prudence Gourguechon said. “And I think it’s fair to say that the capacity for empathy develops through your maternal relationship.”

Without a present mother helping Trump to work on his impulses, he may have grown incapable of handling them on his own.

Additionally, the abrupt — although temporary — loss of his mother as a small child may have caused Trump to develop more outlandish ways of getting attention, psychiatrist and “A Clear and Present Danger: Narcissism in the Era of President Trump” author Leonard Cruz said.

“It might evoke ways of acting that are increasingly bombastic and attention-seeking. The child becomes almost exaggerated in the ways they try to court attention,” he explained.

Perhaps Trump’s mother was well aware that her absence resulted in her son developing his own petulant way of going through life, and later, she was forced to face this reality and understand she had a major role in it.

It may be that Trump's underlying "mommy issues" are still haunting him to this day. In addition to his overall erratic behavior, this may also explain his affinity for mistreating and disrespecting women ,as well as his two failed marriages before marrying first lady Melania Trump. 

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