Santa Fe School Shooter Was Obsessed With Guns, Admired Nazi Regalia

The 17-year-old student shared social media posts that indicated he was obsessed with guns and knives, and that he harbored an admiration for Nazi regalia.

The student who shot and killed eight, possibly more, of his peers in a Santa Fe, Texas, high school on Friday has been identified.

Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, is the shooter, according to unauthorized statements from law enforcement sources hours after the shooting. Pagourtzis was taken into custody by police, as was a yet-unnamed second person of interest. He lives in a mobile home with his family in the area, according to reports from local news media.

Pagourtzis’s social media accounts contained disturbing imagery. He often shared pictures of his guns. In one shared post, a shirt owned by Pagourtzis was displayed, with bold lettering on the front reading, “Born to Kill.”

In addition to those disturbing posts, Pagourtzis also shared photos of a long, green jacket that included Nazi regalia on it, such as an Iron Cross pin on the chest.

It is possible that Pagourtzis wore the green Nazi-laden jacket during the shooting itself. Witnesses recall seeing the shooter in a long, green jacket matching the one in his social media images.

It is not clear as of yet how Pagourtzis was able to procure the weapons he used in Friday’s shooting, although if his social media is any indication, it seems he had legally obtained them. It’s also being reported that Pagourtzis placed explosive devices inside and around the school.

The profile of Pagourtzis matches many other mass shooters we’ve seen recently — a young, white male with bigoted viewpoints, obsessed with guns and other weaponry, and whose “warning signs” were missed within his social media postings. Politicians, like President Donald Trump, are concerned with foreign terrorism, but America's real terrorist problem lies at home.


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