Military Officers Removed For Using 'Dinosaur Puppet' During Oath

Master Sgt. Robin Brown was slammed after her video, in which she delivered the oath while wearing a dinosaur puppet on her hand, went viral.

Two military officers were removed from the National Guard after their re-enlistment ceremony went viral. This led to the demotion of a Tennessee Air National Guard colonel, who then resigned.

In the video, the unidentified colonel can be seen leading the oath ceremony where Master Sgt. Robin Brown, who is  a senior noncommissioned officer with the Tennessee Joint Public Affairs Office, can be seen delivering her oath. But something wasn’t quite right.

Brown was wearing a dinosaur puppet on her right hand while taking the oath.

According to some claims, the video wasn’t an actual official re-enlistment. The master sergeant made the video for her children.

However, soon after the video gained popularity on the internet, Brown was slammed for her actions and was removed from her position, because seniors from the military community weren’t too pleased with the video.

According to, the master sergeant could also face further administrative actions.

The video that raked up to 2.4 million views on Facebook, was recorded by a senior noncommissioned officer. He won’t be allowed to serve as a unit first agent anymore; however, according to the adjutant general for the Tennessee National Guard, Army Maj. Gen. Terry Haston, the noncommissioned officer will remain in the Guard.

Many people found the video upsetting and called out on Brown and the colonel for being so irresponsible.

“The oath is not a joking matter. This is straight up disrespectful to all that have taken the oath. Can't believe her leadership thought that this was ok,” commented a Facebook user.

“I’m all for humor, but there’s a time for seriousness. This shows that this MSgt doesn’t really take her oath seriously. I’m more sad that nobody in her leadership was willing to council her on poor decision making,” commented another one.

The colonel was also slammed for allowing such a ceremony to take place. 

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