Conservative News Site Accused Of Firing Writers Who Dislike Trump

Conservative writers are saying that they were kicked out of their accounts and then fired because they were critical of President Donald Trump.

Right-wing outlet RedState has been frozen, and many of its most anti-President Donald Trump voices were fired after the site’s owner, Salem Media Group, alleged that it could “no longer support the entire roster of writers and editors."

Many of the site's writers were reportedly locked out of their RedState accounts without warning. And while some writers are in limbo status but have not yet been fired, others were caught by surprise and left wondering if the decision had anything to do with how critical they are of the president.

Erick Erickson, one of the site’s founders, said that “RedState is all but dead now” after these firings. He left RedState in 2015, so he was not involved in the mass firing.

“I have invited the fired writers here," he wrote.

"My understanding from the writers is that there were two contracts, one more expensive than the other. Most of those on the expensive contracts were tossed, though some very good ones will stay," he added. "Of those under the cheaper contracts, it seems the dividing line was loyalty to the President. In fact, among those under the expensive contracts, I'm aware of some writers having near equal traffic generation, and those insufficiently loyal to the President were fired.”

According to The Hill, the site had often given anti-Trump conservatives a voice.

CNN released the memo put together by a general manager of, which is also owned by Salem, confirming that the site was going through changes.

"We had to make some tough changes to RedState today," wrote Townhall general manager Jonathan Garthwaite. "While these changes are painful, they were necessary once we reached the conclusion that we could no longer support the entire roster of writers and editors."

On Twitter, many former RedState writers confirmed they had been kicked out. Others said they were uncertain of the future.

Other conservative personalities felt sorry that the site had acted this way, while many other online users simply mocked conservatives for being hypocritical regarding free speech.

If this mass firing was, indeed, associated with the writers’ unwillingness to pretend to like Trump, it’s going to be hard for conservatives themselves to see the RedState website as a credible outlet again.

In no time, the site may lose a significant amount of its audience. And, ironically, it’s all going to be thanks Trump. 

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