Twitter Wants Disney To Know Brown Skin Is Not A Costume

Disney has stopped selling its "Moana" Halloween costume after being accused of culturally appropriating the Polynesian culture and promoting full body brownface.

UPDATE: After receiving a great deal of backlash for its Halloween costume inspired by the soon to be released animated film "Moana," Disney has pulled it from its website and shelves. 

The company has also issued a formal apology to those who were offended. 

"The team behind 'Moana' has taken great care to respect the cultures of the Pacific Islands that inspired the film, and we regret that the Maui costume has offended some," Disney reportedly said in a statement.

The costume was criticized for appropriating Polynesian culture with its fake tribal tattoos and promoting "brownface" with its full body suit that depicts brown skin. 

Disney made the right decision by taking heed to consumers' concerns, but those who have already purchased the costume may invoke fury among other parents who disapprove. 

Halloween is just around the corner and new costumes are being revealed, yet one costume based on the film “Moana” is causing immense controversy.

Disney is receiving backlash from Twitter users over their "Moana" costume that is based on Dwayne Johnson’s Polynesian god character named "Maui" from the movie, The New York Daily News reports.

The company started selling the costume on their website last week. It is a full body suit and has the “demigod’s signature tattoos, rope necklace, and island-style skirt," according to the Disney Store.

Social media users slammed the company for the offensive costume.

Twitter user @TaleiFiji wrote, “Dear #Disney, our brown skin is not a costume. Get outta here with that crap. Sincerely, a furious brown skinned Pacific Islander. #Moana”

Marama Fox, co-leader of New Zealand’s Maori Party, said showcasing the outfit is “no different to putting the image of one of our ancestors on a shower curtain or a beer bottle,” The Independent reports.

Samoa Planet, a news site, said the costume is “cultural appropriation at its most offensive worst.”

Charles Pulliam-Moore, a reporter for Fusion, said it is “basically full-body brownface for kids,” and the costume is “seriously misguided,” according to Fusion

“While there were a handful of people who didn’t see what all the fuss was about concerning the costume, a number of decidedly more woke folks didn’t hesitate to explain how literally inviting children to wear the skin of a character of color (let alone a religious figure) was offensive as hell,” Pulliam-Moore wrote.

Disney has not yet commented on the controversy and hasn’t removed the costume from their website.

Other costumes based on the characters in the “Moana” film are also on sale on the site.

Brownface costumes are just as offensive as potential blackface or "yellowface" costumes that could be released to the public. Disney needs to be considerate of other races and apologize for being culturally appropriative of the Polynesian race. 

Banner Image Credit: Nicole Bento, Twitter

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