Disney Is Fueling Anti-Immigrant Sentiments

The story of dismissed Disney employees, who were forced to train their foreign replacements, is drawing a lot of attention on the campaign trail.

Immigration policies and visa programs have become two of the most discussed topics this election season. While the Democrats promote accepting more asylum-seekers in the country, Republicans — particularly presidential front-runner Donald Trump  vocally opposing those suggestions with inflammatory remarks.

Last year, entertainment giant Disney stirred a controversy by reportedly firing a numbers of its employees in favor of migrant workers whom they could pay lower wages. The laid-off employees accused the company of exploiting the U.S. visa laws, so it wasn’t really a surprise when the situation began gaining visibility on the campaign trail.

In fact, former Disney IT worker Leo Perrero, who filed a lawsuit against the company, recently spoke at a Trump rally about the shock of having to train his foreign replacements. He also shed light on his exact reasons to support the boorish billionaire who has repeatedly talked about banning migrants from entering the country  especially those who practice Islam or hail from Central America.

“Trump has been the most vocal about this, he’s publicly stated that Disney should hire everybody back that was replaced by the foreign worker,” Perrero told FOX Business. “He is the most vocal about it, Cruz has also brought it up as well, so this is an issue that is coming to the presidential level and gaining more and more attention. But Americans are really starting to slowly see what’s happening and starting to fight back on this issue.”

Donald Trump

The disgruntled tech worker revealed the media giant is not the only one to replace its employees  companies like Abbott Pharmaceuticals in Illinois have also been involved in something similar. He also slammed the H1-B visa program.

“The foreign workers that replaced the hundreds of us here in Orlando, and Anaheim, were just flown in weeks before,” Perrero added. “They came in on a visa called the H1-B visa, I don’t know exactly what they pay, however the bulk of these people that applied for this visa are at the very lowest pay scale out of the four. They all claim to come in on this visa because they are better than Americans, yet they come in on the lowest pay scales.”

Disney, through its exploitative policies, has inadvertently led its workers to harbor hatred toward the immigrants. The mere fact that these employees are now rallying to support Trump’s hateful rhetoric about “migrants stealing our jobs” is actually quite terrifying.

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