Dispute Between Two Grandmas Turns Into Shootout At Walmart

Two grandmas who were transferring custody of their grandchild had a disagreement that became a full-blown gunfight in the middle of a Walmart parking lot.

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A shootout involving two grandmothers occurred outside of a Dallas Walmart on Sunday.

Two women met up to swap custody of their shared grandchild when an argument broke out, The Huffington Post reports. The dispute turned violent and resulted in a shootout that left one of the women wounded.

Janice Brown, 53, allegedly drew her gun and shot Carla Hawkins, 55, in the neck. Authorities confirmed that Hawkins’ injuries were non-life threatening.

When an off-duty officer responded to the incident, Brown allegedly fired at him and he shot back. Thankfully, neither of them struck the other.

Brown was, of course, arrested and charged with aggravated assault on a public servant. The Dallas County Grand Jury will handle charges in the shooting of Hawkins.

It is unclear what the two were arguing about that escalated so drastically, but it’s a miracle that with all of that gunfire being exchanged no fatalities occurred. However, the ordeal must have been a traumatic experience for the kid involved.

Hopefully whatever issues the two women have can be resolved for the sake of the grandchild they share. 

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