Man Violently Slaps 5-Year-Old Daughter To Win Ex-Wife’s Attention

The police launched an immediate investigation after viewing the disturbing video and detained the dad for 15 days.

A disturbing video from China of a man slapping his 5-year-old daughter depicts out and out child abuse that the accused perpetrator said was to get his ex's attention.

The troubling cell phone footage shows the child lying on her bed sleeping when her father, named Jiang, comes near her and suddenly starts slapping her repeatedly. She can be seen screaming and crying but the cruel man doesn’t stop.

He then uploaded the outrageous video online. People were naturally outraged over his monstrous behavior. 

The police launched an immediate investigation against Jiang, and detained him for 15 days. According to China Global TV Network, he later confessed that he made the video in a bid to win back his ex-wife back.

“That is so terrible this man should not be around his daughter he should get slap around by the inmates and see how he likes it when he did that to his daughter he should never be out of jail forever he should be in jail for the rest of his life until he rot in hell,” commented an angry Facebook user.

Sadly, the problem of physical abuse is not new in China.

In a 2011 study of a county in central China by several United Nations agencies, 52 percent of men said that they had used violence against their partner, while 47 percent reported that they had beaten their children.

Jiang took this to a whole new sickening level. He obviously failed at winning his ex-wife’s attention after physically abusing their daughter. The former partner later took custody of the child.

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