'Hero' Dives Into Car Of Driver Having A Seizure — Does He Save Him?

An onlooker jumped head-first into an out-of-control car on the road after he spotted the driver having seizure.

An Illinois man put his life on the line to help a driver having a seizure, possibly saving many lives with his heroics.

On Friday, Dixon, Illinois, police officers noticed something was wrong with a car on the road as it disobeyed a red traffic signal and almost hit several other vehicles at an intersection.

They were tailing the car when it began to drift into incoming lanes of traffic.

A Dixon resident then came to the rescue. The man, who was in a passing truck, backed up, hopped out and took a dive through the car window. The car then came to a stop.

"I saw him come out from behind the traffic, and he almost hit me in my lane," the truck driver, identified as Randy Tompkins, wrote on his Facebook page. "I knew something was wrong, but I didn't realize he was having a seizure until he got to the intersection."

Tompkins, who is now being hailed a hero, said what happened next was a bit of a blur, but he did "just did what had to be done."

"He was in danger himself, and he was a danger to others, Tompkins said. "My adrenaline was pumping, and I just reacted."


Dixon Police said due to Tompkins' quick action, the out-of-control car didn't actually cause an accident.

“We want to thank Tompkins for his heroism and for coming to a complete stranger’s aid today!” said the statement from the police.

The driver, who was discovered to be suffering through a seizure, was transported to a hospital to receive medical treatment.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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