Cops Threatened To Blow DL Hughley’s Head Off When He Was Just 8

“He said ‘n****r, if you take your hands off this car I’m goin [sic] to blow your head off,’” D.L. Hughley recalled.



Actor and comedian D.L. Hughley appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah to discuss his new book, “How Not to Get Shot: And Other Advise From White People.”

The standup comedian recalled his first encounter with police men as a black child, while talking about his book, which highlights how people like Hughley and other leaders from the African-American community feel about the police in general.

Hughley’s first experience with police men was horrible to say the least, and he encountered it when he was just 8-years-old. 

“I’m coming from school, getting a free lunch in the summer, and the police pull up and they pull to me and my friend and they’re asking us questions about a cat that lived in my neighborhood and they’re like ‘Where is he?’ and we’re like ‘We don’t know.’ And they’re like ‘Put your hands on the car,’ and I’m like ‘sir, this car is hot.’ And he said ‘n****r, if you take your hands off this car I’m goin [sic] to blow your heard off,’” he recounted.

Hughley mentioned this happened to him while he was just a child and pointed out to how things haven’t really changed much, referring to the young black kid in Chicago who peed on himself while the cops handcuffed him. Cops had accused him for carrying a gun – he was innocent.

Hughley also told Noah how as a black father he insists his son who has Asperger’s syndrome avoid the police and not even make eye contact with them. The author dedicated the book to his son, where he tried to make a point on how people are more likely to be hurt if they are black and are mentally or physically handicapped. Meanwhile, white people have the privilege of being treated in a different manner in case of being handicapped.

People on Twitter had a lot to say about this tragedy where black people have to think about the safety of their disabled kids, while white people mostly get away with a lot of things under the cover of being mentally unfit.






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