Could Trump's Sketchy Ties With Russia Threaten National Security?

The Trump Organization poses a threat to United States security interests and could open a Pandora’s box if Trump is elected, considering his links to Russia.

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Throughout Donald Trump’s GOP campaign, his links to Russia have been perpetually in questionconsidering the risks his shady connections provide to American national security interests.

Trump's invitation to Russia to cyber-hack Hillary Clinton, his boasting about his friendship with President Vladimir Putin, and his scathing interview on Russian television all point to Trump being one of Putin's surrogates.

These troublesome connections Trump shares with an American national enemy have once again come to the forefront with a thought-provoking investigation from Newsweek. On Wednesday, Newsweek published a detailed exposé about the presidential candidate’s global finance company which has major links to a Russian oligarch.

If Trump were to be elected president in November, the Trump Organization would seriously jeopardize the sovereignty of United States foreign policy given its huge network with ties to the Russian government, along with Ukraine, China and others.

Russian billionaire Vladimir Potanin—a mining, banking, and real estate oligarch—is reportedly connected to Trump's corporation, which is raising concerns given Potanin’s close relationship with his country’s government. Potanin was the host of a Russian version of “The Apprentice.”

In essence, the business interests of the Trump Organization, which rakes in millions of dollars for the Trump family every year, would be given precedence over federal interests. As Newsweek pointed out, “the foreign policy of the United States of America could well be for sale” if Trump did not sever ties with the company or immediately close it down if elected to office.

The Trump Organization has not whispered signs of closing down any time soon. Back in 2013, Donald Trump, Jr. said of the company, “The opportunities for growth are endless, and I look forward to building upon the tremendous success we have enjoyed.”

Today, Trump presents a unique risk to the United States, one which is considered to be unprecedented. As Newsweek explained, “Never before has an American candidate for president had so many ties with American allies and enemies, and never before has a business posed such a threat to the United States.”

Trump’s financial reasons for becoming president require a more critical eye from the public, and hopefully his supporters will not forgive him of these conflicting interests. 

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