Documents Reveal Former Friendship Between Trump And Clinton

A document dump from the Clinton Library show the Trump and Clinton families once had a cordial relationship that included holiday cards and rounds of golf.

Donald Trump didn’t always think Hillary Clinton was a liar. In fact, newly released documents from the Clinton Library charts the Trump and Clinton families’ relationship from friend to foe.

A 1993 letter from New Jersey radio and talk show host Tony August suggested the former president Bill Clinton and real estate tycoon should meet given their similar attributes.

“I’m also not a matchmaker, but if you two don’t know each other you should. You have much in common, age, broad vision for the future and most important, the resources and desire to make America bigger and better than it already is,” August wrote, upon inviting Clinton to an event honoring Trump.

No records indicate Clinton attended the event, but the library documents reveal a cozy relationship developed between the two throughout the 1990s and early 2000s.

Records show Trump sent the Clintons a Christmas card from 1995 to 2000 while Clinton almost sent Trump a card for his 50th birthday.

Bettie Currie, Clinton’s personal secretary at the time, sent an email to the president’s deputy chief of staff Karen Hancox on June 10, 1996 regarding Trump’s upcoming birthday.

 “What are you [sic] thoughts on sending a birthday letter to Donald Trump – who turns 50 on June 14. Please forward response to Maureen Lewis who will prepare letter – if you approve. Thanks,” Currie wrote.

Yet three days later, Currie emailed Lewis, saying, “Cancel letter to Donald Trump. Let me know.”

Clinton’s aides also tracked a possible presidential bid by Trump and even prepared an interview response to questions that a presidential run by the business tycoon would be considered “demeaning” to the presidency.

 “We go through all sorts of cycles in politics, and we’re in one now where some people from the entertainment world are talking about running for President,” Clinton’s prepared answer reads. So, it’s a free country, people can chart their own course, and the political process will sort out the wheat from the chaff. … There’s a natural tendency to cover this campaign on the basis of the various personalities involved, the latest poll numbers, the money game. But I hope we can do better at paying attention to what really matters.”


The response reads ominously as Clinton scoffs at a potential Trump presidency and the media’s coverage of such a farce. 

Yet while the Clintons and Trump have a long history together, Hillary Clinton's Democratic rival Bernie Sanders has pointed he doesn't have similar connections to the bigoted clown. 

"Let me say a word to you about my good friend Donald Trump,” Sanders said at a campaign rally in Idaho last month. “Just kidding, he’s not my good friend. In fact, I never even went to one of his weddings.”

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