Dog Forced Into Christmas Sweater Revolts, Goes On Attack

A woman's attempt at a cute moment with her very unwilling dog ended up costing her family dearly.

A Florida family thought dressing up their dog for the holiday season was a good idea, but they were very, very wrong.

The pit bull named Scarface attacked three members of a family when the owner tried to put a sweater on him.

Scarface attacked Brenda Guerrero, 52, as she tried to put a sweater on him, police said. Ismael Guerrero, 46, the woman’s husband, came to her rescue and was himself bitten by the dog, Tampa Patch reported.

According to the police, the couple’s son, Antoine Harris, 22, attempted to stop the attack by stabbing the dog in the head and neck with a knife. The family was then able to escape into the house, leaving the dog in the backyard.

Brenda and Ismael were both rushed to the hospital. Brenda’s injuries were considered serious but not life threatening, reported WTSP.

“Officers responding said the dog was pretty aggressive. When they tased the dog, the dog was still pulling away and was able to release the prongs from the Taser,” said Eddy Durkin with Tampa Police.

The dog was shot with a tranquilizer gun when animal control officials and Tampa police arrived at the scene. The dog ran and tried to escape into the house, and officials used a beanbag gun and a stun gun to finally capture the dog with a catchpole.

The family got the dog a month ago, said the neighbors. At times Scarface would get out of the yard and ran through the neighborhood, they said.

"You got kids here, kids there, and if that dog gets out the gate it could be dangerous to a kid. He never attacked no one on the street as far as I know," said Joe Montgomery, one of the neighbors.

Man with dog

According to dog whisperer Cesar Millan's advice on his website, it is important to pay close attention to an animal’s body signals, especially new dogs. “Dogs can’t tell us in words what they’re thinking and feeling because they don’t have to. They are constantly expressing themselves through body language,” he says.

“The important parts to watch are the head, ears, tall, and back. The higher these are, the most dominant a dog feels, and the lower they are, the more submissive or uncertain her feelings. The more tense a dog is, the higher its energy level,” he states.

At this point, it is unclear whether the dog will be euthanized.

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