Dog That Disappeared In Car Accident Is Reunited With Family

After a car crash, family members searched for a husky but couldn’t find him, until they stumbled upon a Facebook post.

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Last month a man in Wright City, Missouri, lost his dog during a car accident. On Wednesday, Stephen Mason’s family was reunited with his beloved husky.

Mason was driving from Indiana to Southeast Missouri in March when he was involved in a serious accident that family members said was caused by a possible diabetic episode. The crash left him in critical condition in Mercy Hospital with brain trauma, a broken leg, and broken arms. Almost a month later, he is still recovering in the hospital.

After the crash, family members searched for Jack, Mason’s husky, but they couldn’t find him.

The story of Jack’s return to Mason began in an animal shelter in Bloomington, Indiana, last week, where Zack Pauley and his girlfriend were searching for a rescue.

They came across Jack and adopted him the following day, renaming him Bryzzo. Pauley described the dog lovingly, saying he was “super sweet, good around all the people” at his office and that “he was a perfect dog whenever you were around him.”

But then Mason’s family found a photo of Jack on a Facebook list of dogs adopted in March.

“Got a phone call today that I really wasn’t expecting but it turns out the sweet guy that I adopted last week Bryzzo has an actual family and wasn’t abandoned. His real name is Jack and he’s been missing for about a month,” Pauley said in a Facebook post.

Although Pauley is likely a bit saddened that the dog he adopted is no longer his, he said the right course of action was to “make that family whole again...there was no real option other than to give him back.”

Mason has not yet been reunited with his pup. But the fact that his family has now located Jack has likely brightened his mood.

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