Turbulence Aboard Qatar Airways Flight Breaks Passenger's Leg

A Qatar airways jet flying from Washington D.C to Doha turn a terrifying, painful turn for passengers.

A Doha bound Qatar airways flight was forced to make an emergency landing on Lajes Field on the Portuguese Azores island of Terceira in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean due to extremely bad weather conditions.

The plane suddenly experienced a drastic drop in altitude, which caused one passenger to have a heart attack, while many others sprung out of their seats and received severe injuries. One man even broke his leg in the chaos.

Al Jazeera journalist Azad Essa, who was on board, used Twitter to send out updates to the public: 






The tweets followed the entire incident, until the plane finally took off again.


This is not the first time a plane has experience extreme turbulence causing absolute chaos among passengers.

A video of an Etihad Airways flight to Indonesia showed people on board reciting prayers and chanting religious phrases as the plane battled through terrible weather conditions.

Incidents like these often leave people flabbergasted and in shock, so much so they don’t remember to follow safety instructions. While it is important to help those around you, it is often advised that one ensures their own safety first before volunteering to assist others.


Check out the video above for more details on the incident. 

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