Filipino Domestic Worker Documents Abuse By Employers In Iraq

One of the employer’s relatives, who was also a houseboy at the residence, physically assaulted the Filipino worker for not finishing her tasks.

A Filipino domestic worker in Iraq exposed her dreadful situation with the help of Facebook’s live broadcast.

In the video, Alice Aguilan can be seen crying as she asks for help. She mentioned how she was beaten up by one of her employer’s relatives, who is the houseboy at the residence in Baghdad.

The 39-year-old said she was physically assaulted by the relative, identified as Hammode Alsamawi, for not finishing the tasks he ordered her to complete.

She said he punched and choked her — the bruises on her face made that evident.

Furthermore, the live stream, posted on Dec. 22, showed the houseboy in the middle of a ritual Muslim prayer, when he saw Aguilan was recording him. He approached her, struck and kicked her several times as he tried to grab her phone.

He can also be seen pulling her hair, until another teenage Iraqi boy appeared in the video and made Alsamawi stop.

The brutal man can then be seen making a throat-slitting gesture.

According to the victim, the employers were not home at that time. Alsamawi also threatened to kill her, she said.

When Aguilan informed her employers of the man’s atrocious behavior, they did nothing. Finally she asked the Philippine Embassy in Baghdad for help. The embassy immediately came to Aguilan’s rescue after 10 to 15 minutes of the video upload.

Aguilan was reportedly offered medical assistance and taken to a police station to report the incident. Turns out, she was an undocumented overseas Filipino worker, so she accepted a settlement instead of filing a case.

The Filipino worker, who is also a widow, appreciated the Philippine Embassy’s active response to her plea for help.


Aguilan reunited with her four children and two grandchildren in their hometown of Sta. Cruz, Laguna in the Philippines on Dec. 26.

Sadly, many domestic workers are the victim of various forms of violence and abuse at the hands of their employers in the Middle East.

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