Pub Owner Brutally Assaults Wife, Posts Outrageous Video On Facebook

The violent man posted an outrageous video on Facebook with the caption, "wife sorted lol,” where he can be seen pulling his wife by her hair.


A pub landlord was arrested after allegedly launching a violent attack against his wife. According to the CCTV footage, the disturbing incident took place at the Field Bar in Neasden, northwest London.

Tim Sheahan was reportedly drinking when he got in a fight with another man. He then headed toward a group of men where a fight broke out.

The video shows Sheahan and another man slamming each other against the bar and around other pieces of furniture. Several broken and damaged chairs can be also seen in the footage.

After fighting with a group of men, Sheahan grabbed a woman by her hair and pushed her to the floor. The woman being tortured is believed to be his wife Jurgita Janusauskiene. He pulled Janusauskiene and left her at the other side of the bar in pain.

As if this horror wasn’t enough, the 42-year-old man then allegedly uploaded a video on Facebook with the most disturbing caption: “wife sorted lol.” It is unclear why Sheahan uploaded the outrageous clip on the social media site.

Officers arrested him on suspicion of assault. According to a Metropolitan Police spokesman, the incident was “believed to be domestic-related.”

"Police are investigating an allegation of assault at licensed premises on Neasden Lane, NW10 on the morning of Sunday, 18 June. A 42-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assault and taken to a north London police station. He was released under investigation pending further enquiries. The incident is believed to be domestic-related," according to police.

From online harassment to domestic violence, women around the world face the risk of being objectified by men. Around 2 million people suffer domestic abuse every year in England and Wales. This global disease of domestic abuse will continue plaguing women if violent men like Sheahan get away with after such outrageous, and public, crimes.

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