Don Lemon Says Trump Thought He Couldn't Be Fair Because He's Black

The CNN host said that President Donald Trump called him a racist after a 2011 interview and claimed that Lemon was incapable of being fair because he is black.

CNN reporter Don Lemon has disclosed that President Donald Trump once called him a racist, according to The Washington Post. Lemon made the revelation on Tuesday evening.

Lemon was a guest on his colleague’s show ‘The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer,” when he said that Trump had called him a racist after Lemon questioned Trump about his bigoted rhetoric.

During his conversation with Blitzer, Lemon described his 2011 interview with Trump. When the men discussed Trump’s lie that former President Barack Obama was born in Kenya, Trump promptly cut the interview short.

Off the air, Lemon said, Trump was angry.

“He vowed that he would never do an interview with me because he said I was racist. Because I challenged him on an in-factual statement, a lie,” Lemon explained.

Lemon also said that Trump didn’t believe Lemon could be a fair reporter because he was black.

“... I was racist because of the way that I challenged him,” Lemon said. “He thought, you know, I somehow can’t be unbiased about an issue because of race ... because I’m African-American.”

Trump made similar statements regarding U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is of Mexican heritage, when he was presiding over a case involving Trump.

Trump claimed that Curiel would be biased because “He’s a Mexican,” and also claimed that the judge was hostile. Lemon pointed out the similarities during his interview Tuesday night.

Lemon appeared on the show after an interview he conducted with LeBron James prompted childish and angry tweets by the president which called the men stupid. James had mentioned Trump’s divisive nature during the interview, which apparently angered the president.

Lemon replied to the petulant outburst by questioning whether someone who helps children go to school is really dumber than a person who detains them. 

But Lemon and James are not the only individuals who have been attacked by Trump for their supposed lack of intelligence. Rep. Maxine Waters, who is also black, was on the receiving end of Trump’s bigotry after she criticized his racist immigration policies. The president wrote that she had a low IQ and threatened the congresswoman.

Lemon said that he believes that the media has more respect for the office of the presidency than the president of the United States does. Lemon also said that the tweets from the president are beneath the dignity of the presidency and questioned how much evidence is needed before Trump is declared a racist by the Republican Party.

Lemon conceded that Trump calls a lot of people stupid. However, the journalist said that by repeatedly calling black folks stupid, Trump continues to play into the oldest lie told by white supremacists in America

White supremacy is based on the notion of the inferiority of others, and make no mistake, Trump's  continuous insults against notable black figures' intelligence is a direct attempt to portray people of color as second-class citizens.  

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