Donald Trump Booed For Bullying Jeb Bush At GOP Debate

Things got pretty intense when the real-estate mogul attacked former Florida governor in front of the audience.

Saturday night's Republican debate went downhill fast when Donald Trump felt he was being contradicted.

Discussing the issue of eminent domain — which allows the government takes over private property for public use, a point tied to recent clashes between government and militia in the U.S. — the business mogul argued that without eminent domain, a country would not have roads, hospitals or even schools.

Jeb Bush didn't agree.

"The difference between eminent domain for public purpose — as Donald said, roads and infrastructure, pipelines, and all that — that's for public purpose," Bush retorted. "But what Donald Trump did was use eminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in Atlantic City. That is not public purpose. That is downright wrong."

With those words, the debate started to spiral out of control. Trump turned to Bush, and much like members of the Bush family, told him to be quiet. The crowd didn't like that show of disrespect and started to boo Trump.

Still unable to wrap his head around the idea that people might disagree with his, the former reality TV star said, “That’s all of his donors out there and special interests.”

The crowd booed again.

“It is who it is,” Trump repeated, but the boos did not cease.

“The RNC told us is we have all donors in the audience,” Trump continued in his usual fashion, trying to push his point. However, he wasn't able to stop the crowd from dissing him.

Watch the entire scene in the video above.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Lucy Nicholson

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