Trump Vows To ‘Buy American’ When His Own Products Are Made Overseas

The president-elect announced his administration’s two golden rules — both of which, ironically, go completely against Trump’s own code of conduct.


My Administration will follow two simple rules: BUY AMERICAN and HIRE AMERICAN! #USA

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Donald Trump recently took to social media to announce the two rules his administration would adhere to: “buy American and hire American.”

The proclamation falls just in line with what the bigoted baron has been preaching for over a year. The pledge resonates with his promise to deport millions of undocumented immigrants who, according to him and his followers, have stolen American jobs.

He even vowed to “end forever the use of the H-1B as a cheap labor program,” which scores of companies rely on to appoint foreign employees — particularly from India and China.

It is clear that the billionaire business mogul is trying to please the people who got him elected. However, ironically, he is probably the last person in the United States who should even talk about hiring or buying American, considering most of his own merchandise is made overseas.

According to list published by The Washington Post, the Donald J. Trump Collection shirts were made in China, Bangladesh, Honduras and Vietnam; Trump sport coats were made in India and Trump eyeglasses were made in China.

Meanwhile, Trump's range of home goods, which included chandeliers, mirrors, bedding, table lamps, cabinets, sofas, barstools, cocktail tables etc., was made in Turkey, Germany, China, India and Slovenia.

The merchandise at Trump Hotel, including shampoos, body washes, moisturizers, shower caps, laundry bags, show bags, pet collars, pet leashes and bath towels were all listed as made in China. The hotel pens were imported from China or Taiwan through South Korea.

The post also claimed that some of Trump’s similar products have labels of different countries, which maybe a sign of how many different countries his merchandise pass through before finally finding their way to the U.S.


Even his daughter Ivanka’s clothing line (or at least most of it) is manufactured in Vietnam, China and Indonesia.

As far as “hiring American is concerned,” in the last 15 years, Trump’s businesses have hired "at least 1,256 foreign guest workers.” Moreover, since he began his presidential campaign, his companies requested “at least 190 foreign visa workers” who “were hired on a variety of different U.S. visa programs.”

In October, the president-elect reportedly got approval to hire 64 foreign workers at his Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida.

Maybe before making such grand promises, Trump should first fix his own business practices or just let America know once and for all that he is exempt from what he preaches.

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