Debate Recap: Trump Lies And Has Complete Meltdown

From supporting the war in Iraq to denying some of the most sexist remarks he has ever made, here are some of the boldest lies by Donald Trump.

Presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton finally faced each other on Monday night in their first of the three presidential debates at Hofstra University in New York.

The two candidates sparred over a variety of issues ranging from racism and law enforcement to economy and national security — making it abundantly clear that only one of them had actually done their homework for the event and the other was merely winging it.

Republican hopeful Trump gave a colorful debate performance but his Democratic rival Clinton appears to have won the debate. The former secretary of state came off as an educated and qualified leader and stuck to the script, whereas the billionaire business mogul continued to behave in his typical manner and tended to cite facts that were a little (read: a lot) off.

Watch some of the boldest lies by Trump from the first presidential debate in the video above.

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