Trump's Response To Syria's Chemical Attack: Blame Obama

“These heinous actions by the Bashar al-Assad regime are a consequence of the past administration's weakness and irresolution,” said President Trump.

President Donald Trump lives and breathes hypocrisy and lies. He'd like us to believe that he's never wrong and that all his and the GOP failures are the fault of former President Barack Obama. Keeping true to form, Trump stayed spineless and tried to blame the suspected chemical attack in Syria on Obama. The commander-in-chief called the horrible situation a consequence of the "weakness" supposedly showed by the Obama administration.

The White House directly blamed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad along with Obama for what is being called the worst chemical attack in the northwestern province of Idlib, killing at least 100 including children.

Heartbreaking images of the victims of gas attack were shared globally. The head of the health authority in rebel-held Idlib claimed at least 300 civilians have been wounded.

Trump’s reaction came hours after most of the world leaders had already condemned the attack, and even then, it didn’t really count for much.

“Today's chemical attack in Syria against innocent people, including women and children is reprehensible and cannot be ignored by the civilized world. These heinous actions by the Bashar al-Assad regime are a consequence of the past administration's weakness and irresolution,” Trump said in a statement.

“President Obama said in 2012 that he would establish a 'red line' against the use of chemical weapons and then did nothing. The United States stands with our allies across the globe to condemn this intolerable attack.”

Obama's “red line” was used as a threat of U.S. military action against Syria to make Assad stop using chemical weapons. When Obama asked the GOP-led Congress to authorize the potential use of force against Syria, the Republicans had declined to hold a vote. However, the move provoked Assad to agree to a Russian-brokered deal to give up his chemical weapons, which means, Obama's threat worked to some extent.

Trump’s stance on the crisis is about as hypocritical as it gets.

Through June to September 2013, Trump’s tweets gave a completely different picture of how he wanted to deal with the Syrian war. At that time, he encouraged Obama to keep out of Syria because “Americans won’t benefit from the situation.”

In other words, he basically requested Obama to do nothing in Syria








While Trump was quick to blame Obama for such a horrible crisis, he gave no solution as to how his administration will deal with the situation.

Many in the U.S. were taken by surprise after Trump’s blame game began – not only because such attack on predecessors are unprecedented, but also because the president’s response to the crisis poses a big question on his potential foreign policy, which remains rather vague.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Ammar Abdullah

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