Petulant President Trump Blocks Anyone Who Criticizes Him

President Donald Trump loves himself and Twitter, and when the two come together, people end up getting blocked.

There’s no doubt that President Donald Trump loves himself and his Twitter account more than anything in the world. And he will do whatever it takes to prove it.

The childish POTUS, who often goes on Twitter rants and addresses people with derogatory names like “crooked” and “lying,”  is now blocking anyone who speaks up against him on the social media site.

On June 13, the president blocked the official account of, a group that represents more than 500,000 veterans and their family members. The organization had apparently criticized his Muslim ban.



Donald Trump then went on to block best-selling novelist Stephen King, who had the audacity of posting this tweet, aimed at the president.



Next in line was actress Marina Sirtis, who criticized the POTUS for repeatedly dodging the Russia investigation and putting other people’s lives on the line to save his own.


Just a few minutes later, she was blocked.


The next person to face the wrath of Trump was entrepreneur AJ Joshi, who posted the following tweet:


Soon, he too could no longer access the president’s Twitter posts.


The list of people blocked by Trump is really long. It includes anyone and everyone who’s taken even the slightest jab at him or even done something as harmless as disagreeing with his opinion.






Check out the video above to learn more about the people President Trump has blocked.

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