Trump Apparently Hasn’t Really Changed Since First Grade

People who have known Trump since his childhood say he has always been a bully and a loud-mouthed know-it-all.

Ever since he assumed office, President Donald Trump has garnered a lot of attention from people for signing executive orders, employing controversial personalities to important positions and saying things that people didn’t expect to hear from the president.

But apparently, he has always been like this.

A group of Washington Post journalists spoke to dozens of people who knew Trump as a child, and they described him as “a pint-sized bully and a loud-mouthed classroom know-all who could never admit he was wrong.”

These people claimed the POTUS loved to pull girls’ hair and once lobbed rocks at a toddler in his playpen. He also reportedly was very much into sports and loved to hear the crowd’s applause, but would smash his baseball bat in fury if he didn’t win.

Interestingly, in 2015, Trump told a biographer that he’s the same person now as he was in first grade.

"When I look at myself in the first grade and I look at myself now, I’m basically the same. The temperament is not that different,” he had told Michael D'Antonio.

D'Antonio also checked with Trump’s ex-wives to see if what he was saying was really true. While Marla Maples described the now president as "the little boy that still wants attention,” Ivana Trump said "he wants to be noticed” and "he could not take it, that I could do something better than he did.”

The people who Washington Post reporters spoke to echo the statements Trump’s ex-wives, and many of them seemed to have remembered at least one chilling story about him.

While one of them recalled an incident where a ball bounced into their garden and Trump threatened to tell his father and the police about those responsible, another man Dennis Burnham, who lived next door, recalled Trump throwing rocks at him while he sat in his playpen in the garden.

Steven Nachtigall, now a 66-year-old doctor, recalled the time Trump, the “loudmouth bully,” jumped off his bike and pummeled another boy.

Apparently, Trump even picked on his own brother Robert, who was a docile and sensitive child. He allegedly once stole Robert’s building blocks glued them together so his brother could never use them again.

“He was so headstrong and determined. He would sit with his arms folded with this look on his face — I used the word surly — almost daring you to say one thing or another that wouldn’t settle with him,” recalled former teacher Ann Trees.

“He had a reputation for saying anything that came into his head,” recalled a former classmate.

Trump reportedly spent a lot of time in detention, so much so that the punishment was nicknamed “DT” in his honor.

At age 8, he reportedly almost got expelled for giving his music teacher a black eye “because I didn’t think he knew anything about music.”

The teacher, who was on his deathbed when Trump was running for president, reportedly remarked that that Donny had been a “little s**t” even at the age of 10.

Trump and his school friend Peter Brant, allegedly also bought flick knives in a shop where they normally bought stink bombs and fake vomit, and his father soon discovered his knife collection.

At the New York Military Academy, Trump was often pulled up for unpolished shoes, not walking properly and holding hands with a young lady. But somehow he steadily moved up the cadet ranks and became captain at the academy, where he loved showing off his authority.

He once allegedly ordered a cadet to be whacked on the backside with a broomstick, and almost pushed someone out of a second-floor window. He apparently often threatened to “break” anyone who defied him.

In his final yearbook, Trump was apparently named “ladies man,” but while people recall him often hanging out with pretty ladies, they claim he gave them titles like "dog" and wasn’t very respectful.

Reading all the above, it is only scary to imagine what the president could do if he claims to have the “same temperament.”

He is no longer a school boy or a teenager throwing rocks at people, and now with much bigger decisions and millions of lives in his hands, one can only hope Trump is a little more careful with what he says and does.

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