Trump Claims He Called Every Family Of Fallen Soldiers — That's A Lie

“I said to my daughter, ‘Can you teach me to tweet, so I can tweet at the president and tell him he’s a liar?’”



After falsely claiming former President Barrack Obama and “other presidents” did not call the families of American soldiers killed in the line of duty, President Donald Trump said, “I think I’ve called every family of someone who’s died.”

That's yet another lie from Trump.

Family members of five fallen soldiers who died overseas have come forward and said they never received a call from him. Relatives of two of these soldiers also confirmed they didn’t even receive a letter from the president.

Euvince Brooks,ffather of Sgt. Roshain E. Brooks, who died in Iraq in August, said he still hasn’t heard from the White House. He added that his son was killed on Aug. 13 while serving for his country in Iraq but no one from the Trump administration called him let alone the president.

“I said to my daughter, ‘Can you teach me to tweet, so I can tweet at the president and tell him he’s a liar?’ You know when you hear people lying, and you want to fight? That’s the way I feel last night. He’s a damn liar,” he said.

Army Spec. Etienne Murphy’s family also said no one had reached out to them from the Trump administration. The fallen soldier was an Army Ranger from Loganville, Georgia. According to Pentagon, he died in Al-Hasakah, Syria, in a vehicle rollover incident.

Sheila Murphy, the deceased soldier’s mother, said she waited months but she neither heard from Trump nor did she receive a letter from the White House.

“Because it was non-combat, I feel like maybe he thought it was an accident, it doesn’t matter. But my son was in Syria,” said the bereaved mother.

After tirelessly waiting for the letter, she wrote one to Trump himself.

“It wasn’t a mean letter. I was telling him I know he’s a grandfather. I told him I’m trying to be here for my grandkids, but some days I don’t want to live,” she wrote in the letter.

Quinn Butler, brother of Special Forces soldier Aaron Butler, said his brother died in August in an explosion in Afghanistan. He added although his family received several letters from the administration, they still haven’t directly heard from the president.

Army Spc. Christopher Michael Harris died in August in a suicide attack in Afghanistan. His widow, Brittany Harris, said she once received a call from the White house but it fell through and since then she hasn’t heard from Trump or his administration.

Whitney Hunter, widow of Army Sgt. Jonathon Hunter who died in the same attack as Harris, said she didn’t receive a call from Trump but has received several letters from the senators, Congress and governors.

“It’s not that it does mean a great deal. It the importance wasn’t as dire, like he wasn’t acknowledged. He is the president. It just kind of bothered me a little bit,” she said.

The fallen soldier’s father, Mark Hunter, said, “He had been there 32 days. I’m former military, me and his uncle both, so we know the dangers. If you were down, he would cheer you up and he was God-loving. He was raised in the church.”

Father of Army Cpl. Dillon Baldridge said he received a call from Trump in June and he offered to send a check of $25,000 to the family. However, after waiting for several months he received a letter but no check.

Coincidentally, as soon as The Washington Post released the report, Trump sent a personal check to the family the same day.

And even when he took out his “precious” time to condole with the family members, Trump has ended up disrespecting military families.

During a call to the widow of Army Sgt. La David Johnson, 25, who was one of the four Green Berets to be killed in action in Niger, Trump made comments that were less consoling and more insensitive.

“Sarcastically he said: ‘But you know he must have known what he signed up for. How could you say that to a grieving widow? I couldn’t believe... and he said it more than once. I said this man has no feelings for anyone. This is a young woman with child who is grieved to her soul,” said Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.), who was sitting next to the widow at the time of the call.

“He should have not have said that,” Wilson added to ABC 10, before repeating, “He shouldn’t have said it.”

Johnson's widow received the call from Trump as she was waiting at the airport to meet the remains of her husband. The couple have two children, 2 and 6, and Johnson is pregnant with their third child. 

Trump, of course, didn’t admit his wrongdoing and instead slammed Wilson.

“Democrat Congresswoman totally fabricated what I said to the wife of a soldier who died in action (and I have proof). Sad!” he wrote on Twitter.

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