Trump Says Ivanka's Life Would Be 'Easier' If She Weren't His Daughter

After Ivanka Trump sparked backlash for stepping in for her dad at the G20 summit, the president decided to throw her a pity party.


Ivanka Trump, presumably the only woman President Donald Trump does not belittle or demean, has apparently had a pretty rough life, according to her father.

Growing up as the daughter of a millionaire, getting the best education available in this country and vacationing around the world, Ivanka could not help but be acutely aware of the deprivations of life that are the fate of people like her.

One incident in particular is etched in her memory. As a young child, she realized that she and her brother just did not have the "advantages" required to set up a lemonade stand in their snazzy neighborhood in Connecticut, where there was little foot traffic and no consumers. There were some consolations though: Ivanka and her siblings forced the maids and the drivers to "dig deep for spare change" and buy their lemonade.

But as Ivanka grew up into a strong woman who uses feminism only to empower white, privileged women like herself, the sense of destitution only deepened. Her father became the president and Ivanka, with no clear role in the White House, had to sit in during seemingly boring meetings with world leaders. Later, when consumers boycotted her brand because her complicity with Trump, the Trump administration not only defended but also promoted her products.

Just this week, when Trump could not make it to a G20 meeting with world leaders, the first daughter and White House adviser waltzed in and filled in for him.

Ivanka Trump

During a session titled “Partnership with Africa, Migration and Health,” Trump had to leave for a few minutes. Usually in these cases, a high-ranking official fills in for the leader of the country. But this time, the person that sat between U.K.’s Prime Minister Theresa May and Chinese Prime Minister Xi Jinping was none other than Ivanka.

The response on Twitter was overwhelmingly negative.

But the only person who really, truly has an insight into the daily heartaches the heiress suffers is none other than her father, Donald Trump.

Speaking at the launch of Women's Entrepreneurship Facility Initiative, a World Bank fund for female entrepreneurs, Trump reportedly said, "If she weren't my daughter it would be so much easier for her. That might be the only bad thing she has going, if you want to know the truth."

Wow. It takes a phenomenal lack of self-awareness to say that.

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