Donald Trump Likes Planned Parenthood. He Just Doesn’t Support It.

Trump throws his support behind the women's health organization -- but only to a point.

It’s often implied that Donald Trump could be Planned Parenthood’s favorite Republican since he has defended some of its services on various occasions.

But is the GOP frontrunner really as supportive of the health clinic as he's made out to be?

Just recently during CNN’s presidential debate, the media mogul stated how Planned Parenthood was helping women battling fatal diseases.

"Millions of millions of women  cervical cancer, breast cancer  are helped by Planned Parenthood," he said.

However, in the same breath, Trump also made it clear that he would not fund the nonprofit  a stance that puts him back in the same league of his anti-choice fellow Republicans.

"I would defund it because I'm pro-life, but millions of women are helped by Planned Parenthood."

The Republican Party’s stance on abortion and, therefore, Planned Parenthood is quite clear: They do not like it, at all. In fact, last September, some conservative lawmakers even threatened a government shutdown over federal funding for the clinic.

Republican presidential candidates have also, on various platforms, expressed their disapproval of Planned Parenthood over the past few months. During the same CNN GOP debate, Cruz described the health service as a “national criminal enterprise committing multiple felonies.” 

Sure, Trump somewhat appreciates Planned Parenthood, but it doesn’t count as “support” or “defense” since he wants to defund it eventually.

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