Trump Deleted A Tweet Because He Misspelled A Word – It May Be Illegal

Donald Trump might have violated the Presidential Records Act after he deleted a misspelled tweet.

Donald J. Trump welcomed the American nation with a “yuge” spelling mistake on his first day of being the President of the United States with a wrong tweet.

The billionaire quickly deleted the tweet, but as it turns out, he might have violated the law.

The nation’s tweeter-in-chief gets tweeting pangs all the time, and now that he has gained access to the POTUS account, how could he resist?

However, in all his excitement (read: ignorance), he posted a tweet informing people how honored he was with his new position. Tragically, the statement was marred with a spelling mistake.

The president was quick to correct his error and post a new tweet. 


But social media wasted no time in making fun:






According to reports, Trump deleting the tweets from his official handle might violate the Presidential Records Act, which requires the preservation of presidential records.

Note to the business mogul: You cannot tweet casually, tag the wrong people and then delete those tweets from the official @POTUS account. This is not your @realdonaldtrump account that is made up of your rants, chaos, hate speeches and typos.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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