Trump Is Doing Things He Once Attacked Hillary Clinton For

Donald Trump’s words are coming back to bite him in the butt as he is doing things he once criticized his opponent, Hillary Clinton, for.

Since his election campaign, Donald Trump has relentlessly attacked Hillary Clinton by calling her out for lack of transparency and corruption. He even went far enough to call her “in a certain way, evil.”

However, Trump keeps on promoting things that he once criticized Clinton for.

1. Improper relations with Russia

The Trump team accused Clinton of improper ties to the Russian government. In a series of tweets, Trump also drew attention to Clinton’s involvement in the sale of uranium to Russia. However, a recent scandal revealed Donald Trump Jr. met with Russian lawyer and sought damaging information from the Russian officials. Trump dismisses the meeting as innocent.

2. Sharing classified information

Trump came under fire for reportedly sharing information with Russian officials after he had a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in the Oval Office. However, during the election campaign, he repeatedly criticized Clinton for using her private email server for sharing classified information.       

3. Requests for immunity from possible prosecution

Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, requested for immunity fearing possible prosecution after he resigned from his post after giving misleading information to Vice President Mike Pence about his communication with Russian ambassador. Trump had also criticized Clinton after her IT aides involved with her private email server sought immunity.

4. Too close to Wall Street

During the campaign trail, Trump criticized Clinton for ties to Wall Street. Trump said she made money while giving speeches to private banks. However, after assuming office, Trump ironically nominated Goldman Sachs trader and hedge fund manager Steven Mnuchin to be treasury secretary.

5. Mixing public and private business

Trump said Clinton foundation made millions when Clinton was secretary of state and she allegedly extorted contributions for the foundation. Trump, however, has been on his private property nearly every weekend and he now stands accused of gaining private benefits by visiting his properties.

6. Collaboration with the Saudi Arabian government

During the campaign, Trump criticized Clinton for gathering funds for her foundation from the Saudi government. However, Trump recently struck a deal to sell $110 billion worth of weapons to the kingdom.

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