Twitter Schools Trump On What It Means To 'Dress Like Women'

President Donald Trump reportedly wants female White House staffers to “dress like women.” Now, women from across the country are showing the right way to do it.

U.S. President Donald Trump is not particularly known for respecting women.

He has talked about punishing them for making choices about their own bodies, objectified them, fat-shamed them, made fun of their appearances, made derogatory comments about their bodies, called them “nasty,” bragged about sexually assaulting women, bragged about sexually assaulting women and unapologetically called it “locker room banter and mocked women who accused him of sexual assault.

So, yeah. President Trump is sexist — bigly, yugely.

Therefore, the fact that he is directing his female staff on how to dress doesn’t come across as surprising.

Citing several anonymous sources, Axios reports Trump wants his female White House staffers “to dress like women.” He prefers dresses, a source said, and if a female staffer wears jeans, they must “look neat and orderly.” Even women who worked as his campaign officers “felt pressure to wear dresses to impress” him.

The alleged White House dress rules also apply to men, who “have to be sharply dressed. Preferably… in solid colors.”

Quite obviously, Axios’ report about Trump’s sexist dress code has sparked backlash — but not in the form of criticism.

No, women from across the country are showing the president how exactly one is supposed to dress like a woman.

Hence, two incredibly empowering and phenomenal hashtags, #DressLikeAWoman and #DressLikeWomen, were born. Have a look:
















The president better be paying attention.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Carlos Barria

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