Trump Seems To Trust Only One Woman When It Comes To Leadership

When it comes to appointing women to positions of power, Donald Trump doesn’t seem to trust women much, as is evidenced by his latest pick of economic advisers.

Recently, Donald Trump unveiled his much-anticipated economic advisory council, which unsurprisingly included a majority of billionaires, like himself, and only one Ph.D. economist, Peter Navarro of the University of California at Irvine.

Besides a serious lack of economic advisers with an academic background in economy, the team also didn’t include any women.

But then again, over the course of his election campaign, Trump has repeatedly struggled when it comes to appointing women to positions of power (or respecting them in general). The list of his foreign policy advisers from March was similarly an all-men affair. There are also no women on his main management and strategy team.

Just a few days ago, prior to announcing his econ advisers, Trump was asked during an interview to name the first female he’d put in his cabinet. The only name that he suggested was his own daughter Ivanka.

Sure, Trump included three women on the list of 11 Supreme Court judges he said he would consider appointing if he’s elected. Later, however, the Republican presidential nominee’s national spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson, stirred controversy when she suggested female judges are biased because of their gender.

So, yeah. Trump’s campaign’s aversion to women-in-charge has been more than conspicuous and it’s certainly not going to help his ever-decreasing popularity among his female voters.

As per the latest CBS/New York Times national poll, “Trump’s support among female Republican voters has experienced a 13-percent decline” in the aftermath of the Republican and Democratic National conventions.

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