Donald Trump Lies 87 Times In Just Five Hours

Politico just confirmed what the world has known for ages — GOP nominee Donald Trump is the world’s biggest liar.

Politico chose to spend a week fact checking Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and the results are not at all surprising.

It turns out that Donald Trump told a lie on an average of 95 seconds which resulted in 87 false statements in just five days. His appearances include six speeches, one town hall, seven interviews and 37 tweets which total almost five hours of talk time.

Trump has cited incorrect data about economy, healthcare security, immigration, media, his favorite enemy Hillary Clinton and even about himself.

Take a look at some of his statements. Here’s one about the economy and trade.

“We have a trade deficit with China of $500 billion a year. ... We have a $500 billion trade deficit with China,” stated Trump at the Kenansville rally in North Carolina on September 20.

The United State trade deficit with China was the highest at $366 billion in 2015, 27 percent less than the GOP presidential claims. However, Trump has an answer to this as well (without real facts of course) claiming if Chinese theft of U.S. intellectual property is to be counted, the deficit would Reach $500 billion.

To take a look at some more of his falsehoods, watch the video above.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Brian Snyder

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