Donald Trump Brags About Saving A Ford Plant That Wasn’t Even Closing

The president-elect took credit for stopping Ford for leaving Kentucky for Mexico — even though the factory had no plans of leaving in the first place.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the narcissistic compulsive liar America elected as its next president, has an unhealthy penchant for bragging.

He loves to brag about his wealth, his life (he used to pose as his own publicist to do so), his elder daughterhe even once bragged about his building being the tallest in Manhattan, hours after the 9/11 attack destroyed the Twin Towers.

Since old habits die hard, the president-elect has done something similar this week.

The loud-mouthed billionaire recently took credit for stopping Ford Motor Company from moving its production plant in Kentucky to Mexico. The only problem: Ford was not actually planning to close and move the factory.



To put things into perspective, Trump won 62.5 percent of the state’s popular vote in the presidential election. In fact, during the campaign, he repeatedly called out the company for leaving the United States for its neighboring country.

At the time, Ford representative Christine Baker tried to quell everyone’s anxiety.

“Ford has been in the United States for more than 100 years. Our home is here. We will be here forever,” she said, on behalf of her company.

Now, the car manufacturer announced its plan to shift small-car production to Mexico earlier this year — which is still on, by the way.

plant in Kentucky

So what’s going on?

Ford makes a sport utility vehicle, the Lincoln MKC, at a factory in Louisville, Kentucky. The company said it planned to move production of the vehicle elsewhere else. Following Trump’s Twitter rant, Ford revealed they were planning to shift it to Mexico, but would now keep that particular production in Kentucky.

However, that does not mean they were shuttering the Louisville factory. As it turns out, Ford was going to expand the production of another vehicle, Ford Escape, to that plant — which means there were going to be no closures and no job losses.

The only thing that would have changed: Kentucky would produce more Ford Escapes than MKCs.

“Whatever happens in Louisville, it will not lose employment,” Jimmy Settles, a union official, told The Detroit Free Press. “They cannot make enough Escapes.”

Moreover, last year, Ford signed a contract with the United Auto Workers union, which secured more than $1 billion worth of investment from the company to maintain production and jobs at its two factories in the state.

The Trump team should ponder on taking the president-elect’s Twitter away — again — because now he’s not just humiliating himself, but he is also representing the entire country.

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