Donald Trump Has A (Fictional) Muslim Illegitimate Daughter

Donald Trump has been so busy bringing down Muslims, Mexicans and everybody else that he forgot about his imaginary illegitimate Muslim daughter.

While billionaire business mogul Donald Trump is forging on with his presidential campaign and making one politically incorrect statement after another, his (fictional) illegitimate Muslim daughter has surfaced out of the blue.

Ayesha Ali Trump, a character created by queer American-Muslim writer and performer Fawzia Mirza, is apparently the illegitimate daughter of the Republican presidential front-runner. The Chicago-based performer has taken a jab at Trump’s racist and xenophobic comments in a mockumentaryThe Muslim Trump.”

“After Donald Trump publicly said he [wanted] to ban Muslims from entering the country, I felt appalled...[with] him, and with how people gobbled it up,” said Mirza, speaking about the project. “Even comedians didn’t like satirizing him or mocking him or putting them in their monologues or putting ‘Trump’ in a punch line, because Donald Trump was embracing the mockery. He loved it. He still loves it. No matter who speaks out against him.”

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The artist added that as a “little brown girl,” she felt compelled to do something — and as a writer and performer, she knew she could make something or do comedy, which is where the idea of “the Muslim Trump” stems from.

Ayesha Trump also has her very own Twitter account curated by Mirza, which every now and then pokes fun at the presidential elections, with special focus on the former reality TV star.





Mirza’s other projects include a Web series about the (fictional) lesbian Kardashian sister Kam Kardashian and a one-woman stage play called  “Me, My Mom and Sharmila,” among others.

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