Trump Hasn’t Met The Only Economist On His Team Of Economic Advisers

The only thing Trump excels at is hate mongering, so expecting him to have an interest in economic policy is just too much to ask for.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is not only a liar, manipulator, racist, xenophobe and misogynist, but he also seems to be obsessed with the name Steve.

Earlier this month, Trump introduced his council of economic advisers. Not so surprisingly, all 13 people on the team are men, and six of them are named Steve. Interestingly, only one out of all these people has an advanced degree in economics, but hasn’t had the privilege of meeting the business mogul.

Peter Navarro, professor of economics and public policy at UC Irvine, revealed in an interview with the Orange County Register that he has never met or spoken to Trump on the phone.

“I am not the kind of person who needs to kiss the ring. I have great respect for him and I have worked with his team,” the economist said.

Regardless of what Navarro says in support of Trump, someone he looks up to, the fact that both of them haven’t met as yet is proof enough that the reality TV star has barely any interest in the country’s economic policy.

“In short, the city of Detroit is the living, breathing example of my opponent’s failed economic agenda. Every policy that has failed this city, and so many others, is a policy supported by Hillary Clinton,” Trump said in an economic speech in Detroit.

It seems like regardless of the topic of his speech, all Trump manages to do is point fingers at others, and not come up with anything substantial himself. Instead of using the opportunity to talk about solid economic policies, the GOP nominee made most of his speech about Clinton, poking fun at her economic plans.

It’s only a few months away from the presidential elections and it is about time Trump got his act together and actually read up on matters of public interest, before speaking about them and making a fool of himself.

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